step aside and let it fly right by

OMAYGAD. PASOK SA BANGA! Thank you Brave Girls! Turok-turok din ng good vibes pag may time. 23 days to go~ kaunti nalang makaka-move on na ako sa delubyo na to.


Dear adored girl,

When someone mistreats us, it is so important to not allow ourselves to take it personally, to let it measure our value, to let it soak in as something we ‘deserve’ or to let it derail us when we are on the right track.
Sometimes it comes as such a surprise, such an assault and such a distraction. Whether it is a few cruel words said in a moment of heat, or whether it is years of aggressive behavior, it is difficult to deal with! Often we let it deflate our confidence, we mull over it for days, and we even sometimes allow the mistreatment to make us feel like we must not be valuable enough to be treated with kindness.
Please do not allow the lies in, sweet friend. Please do not allow the mistreatment to go any further than the person who was delivering it. Let them keep it, for whatever reason, and do not receive it for yourself.

Say kind things to yourself when it is over. Allow yourself to heal for a few minutes or a few days, and then make a promise that you will do whatever it takes to protect yourself from it happening again, always with love, always with truth, always with bold strength.

You are worth protecting. Your heart is worth protecting. Your soul is worth protecting.

You are so very loved.
Brave Girls

it will happen as soon as it is time


Dear Honorable Girl,

It seems like no matter how much planning we do, no matter how careful we are, no matter how much we study and save and sacrifice….there are still big disappointments that come into our lives and knock the wind out of us.

Please remember, phenomenal girl, that so many times when we didn’t get what we wanted……it ended up being one of the BEST things that ever happened to us. Sometimes NOT getting what we thought we wanted was the greatest, most miraculous blessing that we can ever count in our lives….it saved us from so much heartache, and it kept us on the exact path we were meant to be on…..or even led us to the right path.

It is difficult to do….but please just trust. Trust that we will all end up exactly where we are supposed to be, to learn exactly what we are supposed to learn and to become exactly who we are meant to become.

Everything always works out somehow, doesn’t it? Cry a few tears over the disappointment, friend…then step into the warm, sunny light of your beautiful future. It is gonna be SO GOOD.

You are so very loved.
Brave Girls


Hello TSINELAS! Sobrang fail ng March, sabi ko pa man din sa NY resolution ko eh to post 3 or 4 blog entries per month. ANSABE? NGANGA!  best in stress ang March at kota kinabalu ang workload~ mga ganitong eksena sa buhay ko eh I look forward getting email from Brave Girls – sobrang pampaboost ba ng good vibes at pang uplift ng spirit ko na unti unti ng nalulunod sa kumunoy – NAKS! ANG ARJUD TEH!

It is difficult to do….but please just trust. Trust that we will all end up exactly where we are supposed to be, to learn exactly what we are supposed to learn and to become exactly who we are meant to become.

Pasok sa banga yung email saken today, sobrang charge to experience ang peg ng ateng mo, with all these things happening na sobrang naiiyak nalang ako sa hotel. Iniisip ko nalang at least NOW I KNOW san yung kulang sa skills ko, ano ang need ko iimprove, san area ako magaling, at ano ang gusto ko MAGING sa future. Sobrang lesson learned din saken tong experience na to na may mga tao talaga na sobrang sama ng ugali, KORAK! TOTOO PALA SILANG NAG EEXIST SA REALITY. Hinde ako magaling sa confrontation at pinaka ayoko sa lahat meron conflict sa work. So I’ll just going to let this shit pass, basta ako work beri beri hard ang drama ko, kinikiber ko na sila~ iniisip ko nalang kaya nila ginawa saken yun nathreaten sila sa existence ko since dumating ako dito eh nawawala na sila sa eksena. Having commendation from client and big bosses really boost my confidence kaya kiber na mga punyetang team mates yan. MAMATAY KAYO SA INGGIT! Ang goal ko lang mairaos ko lahat ng objects ko sa production before Go Live at matapos yung mga new CRs after Go Live.


should I quit?

Got this from facebook, this is so cool! pede pang major major decision making itey whenever I feel like quitting to the level of AYAWAN NA THIS IS IT I’M LEAVING THIS SHIT moment~ tamang pang kalma lang at pang reality check, maiprint nga ito mukhang magagamit ko to ng husto next year :mrgreen: for now I need to stick with my current mantra.






perks of being a lazy frog

NAKAKATAMAD – part of expression ko na yan~ I hate doing things requiring me too much effort. I often says “Kelangan ba yan sa buhay?“, “Anong mangyayare saken pag d ko yan ginawa?“, “Wala akong dapat patunayan“, “Baket kelangan syang gawin?

I’m seriously following Houtarou energy conservation principles :lol: as in SINAPUSO ko na sya, pinakafavorite ang “If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick” ~ nasa stage ako ng buhay na WALA AKONG DAPAT PATUNAYAN~ I stopped comparing myself with others and started doing things that I really want to do.

Too much to my surprise ~ during my early career days hence 1st company, PUSH BERI HARD, GO GET THE GOLD, ganyan motto! yung feeling na susuka mo na yung dami ng ginagawa mo but you have no one to blame but yourself eh ginusto mo yan eh masyado kang PABIBO, GC student peg, may GUSTO patunayan, sobrang nadrain ka na to the last drop ng energy mo to the extend na kahit bigyan ka ng BEST EMPLOYEE award it doesn’t make you feel energized – OR baka kasi wala monetary amount kaya siguro ako ganun. BWAHAHAHAHA. Recognition is good but I need CASH :mrgreen:  – SOBRANG NAKAKAPAGOD.

Then I moved to 2nd company – sobrang chillax ang environment pero best in recognition~ to the point na AS IN MAY AWARD ako jan? D NGA? YUNG TOTOO?  there are several times I feel so guilty because I don’t put much effort and passion on what I do and yet I got recognition doing that – SOBRANG WEIRD!

Then the latest company – where my laziness meter shoot to the highest level and my passion meter drops to negative value. To be honest, I’m in the state that I REALLY DON’T GIVE A FUCK I’M LEAVING NEXT YEAR ANYWAY! yan ang mentality ko ngaun but being an ACHIEVER since birth, when task given to me kinakarir ko naman sya not GC level – moderate effort faster and easier way kumbaga but there are still shining moments with my BI Lead giving me recognition during our conference calls – SOBRANG WEIRD.

I just realized it kanina, while having thought on what is happening in my career – SYET! ANG LALIM LANG! that being lazy definitely have benefits to me:

  • being lazy saves energy and time – as what Houtarou keep on stressing “there is always an EASIER way to do it.”
  • being lazy means less stress – if someone is so willing to do job give it to them, and then ikaw – NGANGA lang.
  • being lazy is more focused and productive – since gusto mo matapos agad ang work best in focus talaga.
  • being lazy is more creative – sino nagsabe? AKO! since relax ang utak mas madami creative juice ang napipiga.
  • being lazy more sleep, more lafang, and more Me-time
  • being lazy more time to create itineraries and planning of next travel destination
  • LAZINESS is one of 3 top virtues of great programmer – LOLs maisingit lang!

at talagang nijustify ko raw ang pagiging TAMAD :lol:

the scientist

currently listening “the scientist” by Coldplay and brings me back to bittersweet memory. yung disturbing video in reverse narrative, yung poster ni avril lavigne, at yung telephone call…. and until now I still remember the feeling. WASAK~ kasalanan yan ni Sheldon Cooper! nyeta much, missing The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon to the core.

When I was in grade 4, I want to be a scientist naman science is my favorite subject and then grade 6, I wrote my ambition as “I want to be the first filipino astronaut.”  That’s my 12 year old spirit talking about big dreams na talagang gusto sumuntok sa buwan literally. It was high school when science and I grew apart. I hate biology, I have unrequited love with chemistry, and physics is totally out out my reach.

Computer Science. the closest to science I have right now. sobrang olats ba? bwahahaha. Lately been thinking of shifting career, parang I want to be a Data Scientist – naks! tunog MATALINO, so niresearch ko sya at sabi ni IBM:

So what does a data scientist do?

A data scientist represents an evolution from the business or data analyst role. The formal training is similar, with a solid foundation typically in computer science and applications, modeling, statistics, analytics and math. What sets the data scientist apart is strong business acumen, coupled with the ability to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders in a way that can influence how an organization approaches a business challenge. Good data scientists will not just address business problems, they will pick the right problems that have the most value to the organization. -

ANO DAW? BULA MOUTH. Kumirot ang braincells ko ng slight bwahahaha. Evolution naman pala within foundation of ComSci. PASOK sa BANGA. wala naisip ko lang mukhang relate naman sya sa current job why not coconut push naten yang data scientist na yan! Pero eto ang magic question, meron kaya sa Pinas yan???